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September 27, 2012
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Dragon Effect: Garrus and Thane by AndrewRyanArt Dragon Effect: Garrus and Thane by AndrewRyanArt
Garrus and Thane, Dragon Effect didnít ref any particular DA characters for these two.

The storyline Iím thinking for Garrus is that turians are a regularly integrated part of society and as with Mass Effect where they make up the bulk of C-sec they often fulfill the role of town guards and in Garrusí case heís risen to become a captain of a wealthy trading town, hence his somewhat ostentatious get-up. Heíd be a melee/ranged fighter.

For Thane Iíd see him as belonging to a small almost forgotten order with the purpose of finding and eliminating wild dragons or wyrms. Thatís why heís wearing a light dragon scale outfit and the glowing stone set into his chestpiece is a gem that embues him with added marksmanship powers.

Next up was going to be Tali/Liara but I really want to do Mordin so I think Iím gonna give him a shot, not sure who will be paired with him yet, might just have it be Tali anyway since Iím sure sheíd be a popular choice . Iíll pair Liara with Javik when I get around to it.
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Drakenhof Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Just perfect
Pixxieluv Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This...this is everything to me. My two favorites combined into one. You are the epitome of amazing. I love it! haha
TheStarkOne Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
I don't know why, but Garrus reminds me of The Witch King in LOTR or a NazgŻl ^-^
Mister-Lamont Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Such a cool idea! I like it.
Pikura Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh my god, they look awesome!! (specially garrus WOW)

good job! :D
aka-Selva Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014

Best. Crossover. Ever! %)

Garrus looks a bit angry))

Hergman Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
ha! thane is the elf
Greyest-Wolf Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
And now for Mass Age.
fearlessforwarddrive Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Freaking epic. These are two of my all-time favorite game characters, excellently rendered in a highly creative fashion. :D

Kunnaki Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Student Writer
THANE: Are you sure about this?
GARRUS: Sure about what?
THANE: Your decision to leave the town guard. Were you not one of their best troops?
GARRUS: The guard captain wants us to ignore the threat of the darkspawn, because he doesn't want to face them himself. He, and all the other guards, would rather live a false peace, leaving the other towns to their fate.
GARRUS: Even after I voiced my concerns, they still refused to listen. Eventually, I just got fed up with all of it, so, here I am.
THANE: Do you regret your choice?
GARRUS: I can do a lot more, traveling out here on the road, facing the Blight head-on, than I can guarding a building in some town, somewhere. No, I don't regret my choice.
THANE: That is a good outlook to have. Naive, but good.

GARRUS: So, from what I understand, you hunt down wyrms?
THANE: Wyrms, dragons, wyverns. Any sort of winged-creature that was harming the peace.
GARRUS: Is this a loner thing, or are there more of you around?
THANE: The order which I belong to is old, and many of the followers have forgotten the teachings, which are ancestors passed down from us.
GARRUS: Teachings?
THANE: Yes. For example, after a wyrm is slain, it is customary to pray and thank both the God of the Hunt, and the God of Forgiveness.
THANE: You pray to the God of the Hunt for the time it took to capture and kill the wyrm. And you pray to the God of Forgiveness, asking her to bestow mercy on you for taking the life of another.
GARRUS: Seems a little... complex.
THANE: It is.

(If Shepard is romancing Garrus)

THANE: You and the commander seem strangely happy lately.
GARRUS: Well, we have each other. There's no reason for us not to be happy.
THANE: True. Such actions remind me of my wife when we first met.
GARRUS: Actions?
THANE: I don't think I have to explain.
THANE: Just make sure she is taken care of.
GARRUS: Of course I will.
THANE: Good. Because it's too late when you can't get it back.
GARRUS: Wait, what?
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