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October 2, 2012
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Dragon Effect: Mordin and Tali by AndrewRyanArt Dragon Effect: Mordin and Tali by AndrewRyanArt
Dragon effect/ Modin and Tali Deep Roads Explorers

Shepard would run into these two while they’re on an expedition in the deep roads (as to what they’re searching for/studying I’m not exactly sure but you can be sure it’s important work).

Mordin- he carries ancient deep roads maps with him to help navigate the expansive undrground tunnels and wields a variety of potent explosive mixtures to ward off darkspawn hordes.

Tali- Tali would be sort of an expert on Darkspawn behavior patterns/fighting abilities and therefore is accompanying Mordin on his mission and does most of the close range fighting with her dual-hooked swords. Also I've never really been crazy about Tali like some people, even found her a little annoying at times but I gotta say I had more fun painting her than any other character so far.

Next up will be either Liara and Javik or Liara and Samara since I’m envisioning asari as being involved with the chantry but not so much for Javik.

EDIT: Also I've seen a few people cirticizing me for not making Tali ranged, I definitely toyed with the idea but since I just did Garrus and Thane as a crossbow/archer I wanted to switch it up and I'm quite happy with the idea of seeing her dual wield swords in combat, but hey this is all just for fun anyway so don't take it so seriously. The aspect of Tali that I did try to carry over which is not evident in her design is that she'd be an expert on darkspawn, like how in ME she knows a lot about the geth.
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They both look awesome, especially Tali with those badass swords.
Tali's armor looks better than her ME version.
fearlessforwarddrive Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet! Beautifully done! :D
I love both these characters, and i love your designs!  Actually i love all of them to be honest.  Way to go.
I can't see why people wouldn't love the dual-wielding Tali... she looks amazing!  And Mordin is still so dorky and adorable (but also badass)!

Love these!  Definitely going up as my desktop wallpaper :)
This is amazing!La la la la 
I think Tali wielding a whip embedded with magic crystals (like a scourge) and coated in various potions and poisons to inflect additional damage would be kinda cool.
I love the mask on Tali.
Excellent work side note Tali looks bad ass! 
Godzilla2003 Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Tali as a dual sword-wielding, medieval knight...I'd still romance it.
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