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The end of my junior year at the School of Visual Arts is fast approaching and I feel that my work has really improved as a result of trying to do the best I can on my junior thesis outline. The assignment was to compose six pieces centered around fairy tales/adventure stories. I chose to do my thesis based on the Brother's Grimm fairy tales, mainly because they are a little more rich in content/adult subject matter than I thought fairy tales were capable of containing. Especially considering most of my previous knowledge of them was taken from watching Disney films, which although visually stunning are obviously made for a much younger audience. I was also intrigued by the prospect of doing art based around some of the lesser known Grimm tales, such as the Seven Ravens and the Six Swans. These stories have important themes that are made even more interesting when you realize the macabre nature in which they are detailed throughout the stories. I highly reccomend anyone who doesn't have a copy of the Brother's Grimm tales to purchase one. The stories are often quite short so it is quite entertaining to sit down and just take in all of these entertaining tales in quick succession.
As for my goal of getting into the fantasy/sci-si art world someday I am planning on attending illuxcon again next year. Illuxcon is a tiny convention in Altoona PA that is geared more towards working professionals or aspiring students/artists that have an interest in fantasy/sci-fi. I attended last year but only to be a fan boy and take in all of the awesomeness from artists such as Dan Dos Santos, Donato Giancola, and Michael Whelan just to name a few. I am also looking for other coventions to attend and if anyone has any good reccomendations then I would be happy to hear about people's thoughts and opinions on other upcoming events.
I really can't wait to be done with school, I love the institutional feeling and comradery that I share with my peers but it's time to move on and get things in motion. One project I want to pursue in the future is reimagining The NeverEnding story. This story always touched my when I was a child and still does to this day to be quite honest and some of the iconic imagery like the giant Sphinxs' that guard the pass with laser beam eyes would just make for badass imagery and I'm really quite shocked that the movie's not more popular.
So just wanted to make this update to my profile and give anyone who bothers to check it something to read about me. Thanks for taking the time to do so :)
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EpicPseudonym Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
As a fantasy illustrator, you might be interested in Mercer Mayer's (of Little Critters fame) Grimm illustrations. Here's a link to a gallery with a few of them: [link]
kitgryph Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011
I had meant to add: look for the book itself, sometimes. Well-written, and has a slower pace and a lot of depth. Immersive in a different way.
kitgryph Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
The Neverending Sory WAS a marvelous film (its sequils were all right), and I am glad it was not done by most of the big studios--they would have ruined it! Part of what made it good (besides good writing) was the mix of iconic imagery, and sheer originality. And, good camera work with both close-ups and wide vistas. Strange that it was not better known,,,. There was a caroon series loosely based on it (fairly lame), and a tv series (not bad at all) that lasted one season. I think its problem was that the small minds of the studios could not understand something that was meant to be about the scope of human imagination.
There is a lot of inspiration out there, in older movies, and classic folk tales.Good to see some of it being used! Good luck with your work and plans. You certainly have quality art.
AndrewRyanArt Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Student General Artist
Thanks a bunch, I just watched the Never Ending Story again last night haha.
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